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About UCL Press

Established as the UK’s first fully open access university press in  2015, UCL Press has fast proved itself as one of the UK’s most innovative presses, publishing both traditional peer-reviewed scholarly works and innovative research outputs.We currently publish 35 books a year in addition to 8 journals, and support UCL’s successful student journals programme.

Based at one of the world’s leading research universities, UCL, our primary outputs are scholarly monographs and edited collections, but we also publish textbooks, journals and other innovative research outputs. More than 1 million readers across the world downloaded UCL Press content between 2015 and October 2018.

UCL Press makes all its books and journals available in open access form to download freely in PDF form or read online anywhere in the world. They can be downloaded freely from UCL Press’s website or from the many other platforms where they are distributed. UCL believes in the principles of open access as the best way to solve the world’s global challenges.

You can read more about UCL Press and its open access publication on our website, at https://www.ucl.ac.uk/ucl-press/


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